Yoga: Getting Over My Fear & The Benefits

Yoga: Getting Over My Fear & The Benefits

Getting Over My Fear of Trying Yoga and What It's Done for Me.

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It’s been a little over a year since I began practicing yoga.  I head to class once a week for an hour and love it but it took me a while to gain enough courage to actually go.  For some reason, I was afraid to try yoga.

conquering my fears

As someone who grew up playing sports and continues to live an active lifestyle, you wouldn’t think yoga would be intimidating but, for me, it was. There was just so much I didn't know about it and I think that's where my intimidation came from.  It was holding me back from trying something I now love. What are the classes and instructors like?  Will I be able to keep up?  What if everyone stares at me because i don't know what i'm doing?  I was getting in my own way (which I tend to do often) and fear was preventing me from new experiences and I was frustrated with myself for not giving it a shot.  After doing some research on the different types of yoga, I found a beginners class here in Portsmouth and had a great first experience. The instructors were so welcoming and attentive during class.  I felt completely at ease and didn't feel self-conscious at all.   I've been hooked ever since.



There are so many incredible health benefits from practicing yoga; increased flexibility, strength and, or course, cardiovascular.  I love these benefits but for me practicing yoga is more about mindfulness. Yoga helps me regain focus on everything important in my life.  I let the insignificant go and focus on what really matters to me, my life and my family.  At the beginning of each practice the instructor encourages you to set an intent for your practice.  I love this moment.  It makes me stop, think and BE PRESENT.  Throughout class, we're always reminded to bring our mind back to the present.  Stop thinking about work, what you have to do later that day or what you didn't get done and just be.

Yoga is truly about your journey, your practice and your ability to push yourself throughout class.  There is no one there judging you. Everyone else is focused on their own journey. 

After all that fear, I realized I had absolutely nothing to worry about. I still have so much to learn but yoga has been such an accepting and energizing experience in my life.  I need to remember that although the unknown can be a scary feeling once conquered, can bring such fullfillment to your life.  

Do you practice yoga?  What do you like most about it?  I’d love to hear in the comments below!


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