10 Nightly Tips for an Easier Morning

10 Tips for a Positive Morning

Casual Outfits- Morning Routine – Tips for an Easier Morning Routine- Women’s Fashion Ideas –  www.heartandseam.com  - #heartandseam # morningroutine


Mornings at our house can go one of two ways: 1) Super smooth with everyone fed, dressed and out the door without a hitch, or 2) A complete disaster when we're late, disorganized and rushing around and scrambling to get to work and school on time.  I find that if I can plan a few things the night before, our mornings are less stressful, more positive and set the tone for a happier day overall.

1. Meal Prep 

Without a doubt this is the most important task I can do the night before.  If lunches are portioned and packed the night before, our mornings are already off to a great start.  My husband, Mark, packs lunch for us and I'm in charge of the kids lunches.  It takes me about 15 minutes to cut, portion and pack but once it's done, I sleep better knowing I don't have to rush to get it done in the morning.

2. Outfits Out

Each night before bed, I pick out clothes for the following day.  I make sure to involve the kids and let them help choose what they want to wear. This avoids any unexpected tantrums morning of, and allows them to make their own decisions.  It's a win/win.

3. Cup of Joe

If you have a Keurig, this may not apply, but we have an old-school coffeemaker that takes about 5 minutes to brew in the morning.  Portioning out the morning's cup is a great way to save some time. 

Casual Outfits- Morning Routine – Tips for an Easier Morning Routine- Women’s Fashion Ideas –  www.heartandseam.com  - #heartandseam # morningroutine

4. Nightly Shower

I could go either way on this one.  I don't mind showering at night or in the morning.  When I shower at night, it definitely allows for more time to get myself and the kids ready.  Plus, Mark and I aren't annoyed with each other for taking too long. 

5. School Bags Packed

After my kids have gone to bed, I bring out their backpacks and make sure they have their folders, homework, spare clothes, boots, snow pants etc.  all ready to go.  Done and done.

6. Plan of Attack

Mark and I both work full-time and each day is different.  Every night we discuss who is taking each child where, do either of us have anything going on after work, who is going to run to the grocery store, who is on pick-up duty and what's for dinner the following night.  This takes the guess work out of easy-to-answer questions. Not knowing can create added stress in the morning.  We already know who is responsible for which task that day.  There are always times when things shift,  someone has to work late or our son is sick and needs to come home but for the most part this works really well.

7. To-Do List

A spin off of the above, I personally like to make my own to-do list for the next day.  It helps me stay organized with work and my personal life.  I am the type of person that needs to write everything down or it just doesn't get done.  If I do it the night before, I won't forget and allows me more time to actually get things done.

8. Nighttime Vanity

I have VERY curly hair and like to straighten it after washing.  I can usually go 3 days before needing to wash and straighten but on the days that I do, I allow myself extra time to wash, blow dry and straighten.  I also tend to polish my nails and toes on these nights.

Casual Outfits- Morning Routine – Tips for an Easier Morning Routine- Women’s Fashion Ideas –  www.heartandseam.com  - #heartandseam # morningroutine

9. What's for Breakfast?

Figure out what you're having for breakfast.  Yes, cereal or toast is quick and easy but if you're planning to make a smoothie or eggs, you might want to allow yourself extra time.  We even portion out fruits, veggies and add-ons for our smoothies.  This helps a ton.

10. Load the car

I like to load up the car with everything I can the night before.  My gym bag, work computer, my purse, any mail that needs to go out, etc. Any and everything I can think of goes right into the car.

Bonus Tip: Early Riser

Easier said than done but I try to wake up 15 minutes earlier than I should.  That extra time allows me a few quiet minutes to have some coffee, set my intention for the day. When my kids wake up, I am refreshed and ready to take on their needs with a more positive attitude than if I were to wake up later that morning.

I'd love to know, do you have any tricks and tips to help with your morning routine?  Comment below!



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