Beauty Buy: Under Eye Brightener

Beauty Buy: Under Eye Brightener

Hello!  I am thrilled to share a new series to the blog called “Beauty Buy.”  I am a beauty product junkie and am on the constant search for the best beauty products out there;  What girl isn’t, right?  For all the products I purchase, I probably only love about 20% percent of them.  For my first Beauty Buy post I am sharing my favorite under-eye brightener (concealer). 

Newsflash!  Being a Mom is exhausting. I’m tired.  Really tired.  The dark circles under my eyes are ridiculous so I am constantly looking for the best under-eye concealer to make me look less tired, refreshed and put together.  Ha!  I am laughing just writing this right now. 

Anyway, I’ve tried them all and feel like I finally found one that works for me and my skin tone. 

The bareMinerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener is key.  Not only does it cover my looks-like-I-got-hit-in-the-face-and-have-two-black-eyes but it also brightens and blends well with my skin tone avoiding that raccoon look.  I also love that it doesn’t clump in the fine lines under my eyes which is my biggest struggle with trying to find the best concealer.

My vote?  It’s a must for tired Moms. 

Shop here: bareMinerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener
Price: $23


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